A Firefighter’s work day keeps fire away!

We have an emergency! Did you hear the fire alarm? It's time to get into your fire truck and rescue people's lives! Interesting missions are waiting for you. Try the game now and have fun! Be an idle tycoon! Become a manager in one of the firehouses of your own city.

Explore the Amazing Features!

Build Fire Stations

Take control of emergency units, incident telephone calls, save lives, and much more. Handle the needs of your facility and make appropriate decisions to expand your business and improve the responsiveness of your area. Each choice you make will have an impact on your development strategy!

Put Out Fires

Manage your firefighter team to rescue the city buildings from dangerous fires, emergency situations and accidents. Use water cannons, fire trucks, and other tools for the firefighter to extinguish the fire. 🚂 🚚 Upgrade and make sure each fire engine and fireman is equipped to support the police when the dispatcher sounds the alarm.

Explore New Cities

Explore new unique Fire Stations in multiple cities! Max out each city in order to make the whole area safe! Each new city brings new features to the firestation: ambulances, helicopters, you name it! Use the whole arsenal of the firestation to become an ultimate Fire Station Tycoon.

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